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Create Ads
That Do More

Drive leads, sales and signups with ads that allow your users to complete any call-to-action within the ad


Higher Conversion Rates

Zero Party Data

Advanced Omnichannel Analytics

Patented Technology

Build Higher Converting Campaigns 

Glui’s patented in-ad engagement technology, streamlines the user experience and prioritizes data privacy, offering a more impactful alternative to traditional ads.

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In-Ad Commerce and Lead Generation

Shorten the User Journey

Privacy Aware

AI Powered Creative Tools

Make it Shoppable.
Make it Interactive.

Create shoppable ads and interactive features with Glui’s patented technology. Users can engage, enter information, and complete purchases directly within ads or through an optimized landing page, no traditional redirects or pop-ups required. From call-to-actions and customizable form fields to sliders and carousels, our interactive elements seamlessly engage users, delivering a compelling ad experience.

One Platform.
Multiple Channels.

We offer an omnichannel platform and advanced attribution models and behavioral analytics to measure campaign impact across the entire customer journey. With Glui, you can run the same ad seamlessly across social, programmatic, or other digital asset and measure performance through a single analytics dashboard.

Zero Party Customer Data 

Measurable Performance

In-Depth Behavioral Analytics

Conversion Rate Optimization CRO

Omnichannel Attribution and Performance Data


Real People.
Real Support.

You will be assigned a dedicated customer success specialist to guide you through every stage of your journey and our in-house integrations team can build the connectivity to deliver your data in real-time. Whether you require assistance with strategy, creative input, or technical matters, our team is here to offer the resources and support necessary to help you reach your advertising objectives.

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