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Hi There!

We are Glui.

A human centered technology company with the goal of inspiring an industry-wide shift towards more ethical, enjoyable and effective advertising. 


Our Mission

We are on a mission is to build a brighter digital future, one advertisement at a time. 


Crafting Ads
That Do More

At Glui, we're redefining the essence of advertising. Our secret sauce? Making ads that invite interaction right on the spot, without any annoying detours.

Gluified ads empower users to interact within the ad itself. The in-ad engagement experience is seamless, users stay on their chosen content and aren’t redirected to another page. Brands only collect data their audience chooses to share, building trust and loyalty. 

No more boring ads that miss the opportunity to convert! We are creating the future of advertising, filled with fun, interactive and personalized engagement, benefiting brands and users alike.

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Why Partner
With Us?

For the pioneers, the dreamers, the disruptors looking to make a mark in the digital universe, we are your ally. We're here for those who believe in the power of connection, the value of data privacy and the magic of a well-crafted ad. 

Whether you're looking to build quality leads, launching the next viral campaign or seeking to deepen your audience engagement, we stand with you, ready to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary.

Get Started Today!

Partner with Glui to create ads that stick, resonate, and drive results. Fill out the form below or contact us at to book a demo and embark on a journey towards more effective and engaging advertising campaigns.

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