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Drive Higher Engagement

Interactive Ad Formats for Powerful Data Collection using Glui

Boost qualified leads for your campaign using Glui’s patented in-ad technology. Glui’s innovative interactive ad formats are designed to remove the friction from customers engaging with your brand. No redirects to a website, reduce user drop off, all within the ad unit. Across any platform and on any ad format.

Engage. Excite. Convert.

Glui’s interactive ads put potential customers directly in the driver's seat.


Interactive Ad Formats

Create personalized customer experiences with advanced interactive features. Such as booking a movie, ordering a free sample, or scheduling a test drive while choosing the preferred car color, trim level.

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Creativity Unleashed

Our platform is your canvas. Design immersive ads that capture the essence of your brand and the imagination of your audience. Create interactive ads that command attention and leave a lasting impression, differentiating your campaigns from traditional static ads.

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Omnichannel Precision-Driven Insights

Harness the power of consented first-party data to fuel your campaigns. Glui provides behavioral insight into the customer experience, letting you know who and how people are interacting with


A New Standard in Privacy

Navigate the digital landscape with integrity. Glui prioritizes user privacy, offering a transparent, trust-based model that collects first-party data instead of using invasive tracking methods.


Unparalleled Support

From seamless integrations to bespoke campaign solutions, our team is with you every step of the way, ensuring your campaigns not only succeed but soar

Discover What Glui Can Do for You.

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