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Monetize Your Audience 

with Engaging Ads on Glui

Turn your high-quality content into revenue streams with Glui's innovative ad formats. We offer interactive experiences that go beyond static banners, fostering deeper user engagement and maximizing your advertising potential.

Keep Users on Your Site Longer: Glui’s interactive ads enrich the user experience by offering engaging, actionable opportunities without the need for redirects. Users can interact with ads, make decisions, and even complete transactions directly within the ad, significantly increasing the time they spend on your site.

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Increased Revenue: Interactive ad formats typically outperform static units, leading to higher click-through rates and improved CPMs.

Data Collection Made Easy: Facilitate seamless data collection for advertisers with interactive formats like test drives, Charity donations, product configurators and sampling. All without the user ever leaving your site.

Unlock New Advertising Opportunities: Attract a wider range of advertisers seeking unique ways to engage your audience with test drives, product sampling offers, and much more.

Supported Interactive Ad Formats

Playable Ads: Integrate interactive product demos or short test drives directly within your content.

Data Collection Ads: Use interactive units, Donations, and surveys to collect valuable user data for advertisers.

Product Sampling Ads: Allow users to request free samples or sign up for product trials directly through the ad unit.

Interactive Product Configurators: Engage your audience by letting them explore product variations and customize features directly within the ad.

Affiliate offerings: Engage users with commercial content and keep the users on your site rather than sending them to a clients site to complete the action.

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Discover What Glui Can Do for You.

Glui is revolutionizing digital advertising by turning passive browsing into active engagement. Experience the power of ads that do more than just display—they interact.

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