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Transform Data

into Actionable Insights

Dive into the heart of your campaigns with real-time data analytics. Go beyond surface-level metrics; discover the depth of every click, impression, and conversion. It’s not just about counting impressions — it's about understanding the story behind every interaction

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Deep Dive into Data: Track every step within your ad units, from first engagement to final action. See where users connect, where they drop off, and how each element of your ad performs.

Harness the Power of Glui

Get Granular: Glui captures detailed session-level data, including location, device, browser, operating system, and referring site. Understand the 'who' and 'how' behind interactions, empowering you to craft ads that resonate and engage more effectively.

Optimize in Real-Time: Use insights to fine-tune your campaigns on the fly, pulling users deeper into the funnel.

Drive Success with Data

Ready to turn insights into action and clicks into customers?

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