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This Prohibited Content Policy (the “Policy”) applies to all partners who work with Glui include but not limited to, advertisers, agencies, and publishers (each a “Partner” and collectively, “Partners”)). This policy is in addition to any agreement you have with Glui and does not replace or alter it. You agree to follow and abide by the guidelines set forth herein. If you do not agree to comply with these guidelines you may not use Glui’s products or services. If you violate this Policy, Glui may also terminate the agreement between you and Glui. Glui may amend this Policy at any time, and any additional or different terms will be effective once updated on this page.‍


Prohibited and Restricted Advertisements


Glui prohibits advertisements and content that promote any of the following:


  • Illegal – Ads promoting illegal goods and services.

  • Drugs – Any ads promoting illegal drugs and paraphernalia.

  • Violence – Any ads that promote harassment, intimidating, threatening, dangerous, violent, or harmful behavior, including the use of firearms or explosives.

  • Adult – Ads that promote sex, sexual education, sex toys, condoms, lube, or adult entertainment, including pornography, escort services, erotic content, sexually explicit content, or any other advertising not appropriate for general audiences.

  • Misleading or False content and Scams – Content that gives information which is misleading or false and any product or services that have a high likelihood of being a scam or fraud. 

  • Profanity – No ads with foul language or insinuate foul language.

  • Payday and Cash Advance Loans – Ads for payday and cash advance loans with high interest are prohibited.

  • Get Rich Quick – Ads for pyramid schemes or get rich quick services, including multi-level marketing.

  • Hate – Ads promoting hate speech and hate groups.

  • Counterfeit Documents and Products - No ad may contain counterfeit documents and products. 

  • Fake News – Ads promoting news sites that are non-satirical in nature but are evidently false. 

  • Spyware or Malware - Ads must be free of spyware, malware or any software that results in a deceptive experience.

  • Violation of Rights - No content that violates the publicity, privacy, copyright, or other intellectual property rights of a third party.

  • Collect Data From Minors - Ads intended to collect personal information from a child under the age of 18 years.


Glui has restrictions on advertisements related to the following, and all such ads must comply with local laws, regulations and codes.:


  • Religion – Any ads promoting religion, proselytizing, religious education or activities.

  • Dating – Ads for dating sites and services.

  • Gambling – Ads promoting gambling with the exception that State Lottery Ads (limited site list for lottery), casinos, e.g., MGM Hotel, Resort and Casino are allowed.

  • Alcohol, Tobacco and Cannabis - Ads promoting alcohol, tobacco or marijuana.

  • Financial Services - Ads promoting financial services.

  • Political Content - Ads promoting political content.


These categories of ads may be limited in certain ways or prohibited entirely depending on the jurisdiction.  It is the responsibility of the Partners to understand and notify Glui of any such limitations or prohibitions


Prohibited Website Content


Partners shall ensure that any Glui enabled advertisement will not be placed on a page containing content related to any of the items listed as prohibited in this Policy (whether contained in an advertisement or otherwise).


Partner Assurance


It is the responsibility of each Partner to ensure any advertisement for which such Partner engages Glui to provide products or services is fully compliant with this Policy. If a Partner believes or is aware that an advertisement is in violation of this Policy, the Partner will promptly notify Glui and take all necessary action to take down the advertisement. Each Partner agrees to defend and indemnify Glui from any claims arising from such Partner’s failure to comply with this Policy.


Last Updated: March 14, 2024

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