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Glui Boosts Leads for Montana's Yellowstone Country 

Glui recently partnered with Montana's Yellowstone Country and Windfall Creative to enhance their Ranger Packs campaign, successfully driving increased engagement and lead generation. By integrating innovative data capture forms within banner ads and social media landing pages, Glui enabled Yellowstone Country to efficiently gather valuable visitor information. This seamless approach not only amplified the reach of the Ranger Packs initiative but also provided a streamlined experience for potential visitors, ensuring higher conversion rates and fostering a deeper connection with the natural wonders of Yellowstone.

Glui and Windfall, a Montana-based agency, ran several variations of a lead generation advertisement across Meta and standard display inventory. Glui's streamlined approach to social media ads and interactive display functionality drove attributable performance across channels, capturing first party consented PII and invaluable behavioral analytics on user engagement. The winning leg of our creative A/B test saw a 12.8% conversion rate from Meta Clicks

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The Beauty and History of Yellowstone National Park

The history of Yellowstone is as compelling as its natural beauty. Native American tribes, including the Shoshone, Crow, and Blackfeet, inhabited the region for thousands of years before European explorers arrived. These tribes had a deep connection to the land and its resources, utilizing its geothermal features for cooking and its abundant wildlife for sustenance.


In the early 19th century, European trappers and explorers, such as John Colter and Jim Bridger, ventured into the Yellowstone region. Their reports of geothermal wonders and abundant wildlife sparked interest and curiosity. The first organized exploration of Yellowstone, the Washburn-Langford-Doane Expedition of 1870, documented the area's unique features and laid the groundwork for its designation as a national park.

President Ulysses S. Grant signed the Yellowstone National Park Protection Act into law on March 1, 1872, creating the first national park in the world. This groundbreaking decision marked the beginning of the national park movement, inspiring the creation of protected areas worldwide.

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