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Glui enables first party data capture for TropicSport across Meta and Instagram


1 week 

integration with Shopify and Stripe



TropicSport has a range of reef-friendly, non-nano, zinc oxide and titanium dioxide mineral skincare products. The team wanted to optimize paid campaigns across social for their mineral sunscreen and build their first party data strategy.  



Using Glui’s proprietary technology, TropicSport were able to convert existing adverts into being instantly transactional. Meta and Instagram users were able to purchase from directly within the adverts in a few simple steps. Glui seamlessly integrated with TropicSport’s ecommerce platform Shopify, and their payment gateway, Stripe, within one week with minimal tech resources. Integrating with Stripe gave users the choice of more payment methods. Glui actioned the heavy lifting of the integration. 



TropicSport customers were able to fully transact within the ad unit resulting in a frictionless purchasing experience. With no redirects to a website, the campaign enabled the brand to capture first party, customer consented data from within social channels. TropicSport have embraced innovation within the beauty category by allowing users to purchase at the moment of intent. A truly collaborative approach was taken with the brand which led to the success of the campaign.

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