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Glui Boosts Donations for Blue Cross

Glui recently partnered with Blue Cross, a prominent animal welfare charity in the UK, to enhance their fundraising efforts through innovative ad campaigns. By integrating interactive donation forms directly within banner ads and social media landing pages, Glui enabled Blue Cross to streamline the donation process and reach a broader audience. This seamless integration allowed potential donors to contribute effortlessly, increasing engagement and support for Blue Cross's mission.

Checkout the Ad HERE

About Blue Cross

Blue Cross is a leading animal welfare charity in the United Kingdom, dedicated to improving the lives of sick, injured, and homeless pets. Established in 1897, Blue Cross offers a wide range of services, including:

  • Veterinary Care: Operating animal hospitals and clinics to provide essential medical services to pets whose owners might otherwise struggle to afford treatment.

  • Rehoming Services: Running rehoming centers and a pet fostering network to find loving homes for abandoned or unwanted animals.

  • Pet Bereavement Support: Offering support for pet owners dealing with the loss of their beloved pets through helplines and online resources.

  • Education and Advocacy: Engaging in educational outreach and campaigning for issues affecting animal health and well-being.

  • Community Outreach: Providing free pet care advice and support to prevent pet homelessness and neglect.

The collaboration with Glui has significantly boosted Blue Cross's ability to attract donations, ensuring they can continue their vital work in caring for and rehoming pets in need.

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