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Glui Drives Leads For Acuvue

Glui recently collaborated with Acuvue, a leading contact lens brand, to launch an innovative campaign offering free contacts vouchers. By integrating data capture forms directly within interactive banner ads and social media landing pages, Glui enabled Acuvue to seamlessly gather customer information and distribute vouchers effectively.

About Acuvue

Acuvue, a prominent brand under Johnson & Johnson Vision Care, Inc., is renowned for its high-quality contact lenses that provide comfort, clear vision, and convenience. Acuvue offers a wide range of products catering to various vision needs, including lenses for astigmatism, presbyopia, and myopia, ensuring users receive optimal eye care solutions.

Key Features of the Campaign

Interactive Ads: Glui's technology facilitated the creation of engaging ads that allowed users to easily sign up for a free contacts voucher directly within the ad unit.

Increased Engagement: The attractive offer of free contacts vouchers encouraged potential customers to engage with the ad and provide their information.

Seamless Data Capture: Integration of data capture forms within both banner ads and social media landing pages ensured a consistent and efficient user experience across all platforms.​​

This successful campaign with Glui not only boosted Acuvue's engagement and lead generation but also provided valuable insights into customer preferences and behavior, driving further growth and customer satisfaction.

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