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Meta's Form Tool and Best Alternatives

About Meta Forms

Meta provides several convenient native features for advertisers including Meta Shops, Forms and Donations. If you’re looking for a quick implementation and are okay with a cookie-cutter approach, these can be solid options. That being said, Meta’s native features fall short in a number of ways for more innovative brands who are looking to make the most out of every click.

As a channel manager for a mid-sized, digital-first CPG company, I was looking to build our upper-funnel and get more leads into our CRM. Meta forms feature looked quick and convenient so we ran a test and initially, the results looked promising. We saw a high volume of leads at a surprisingly low CPL. A year down the road, however, none of these leads had converted.

Why Didn’t Meta Forms work?

Customization: Meta Forms does not have in-depth branding options, limiting your ability to create a tailored experience for collecting leads. To build a brand and foster healthy, profitable customer relationships, it is essential to have a consistent look and feel across every touchpoint. An interaction with Meta forms feels like an interaction with Meta, which is an issue If you want to own your customer experience.


Meta forms are only usable within Meta’s platform. If you are collecting leads across a variety of channels, you have to use a separate tool, create a separate experience, and utilize separate reporting.

Lead Quality: 

Meta Forms can collect a high volume of leads, but leads are only valuable if they convert. You have to ask the right questions and provide the relevant information to engage an audience with a short attention span then them into high quality leads. Meta’s rigid form structure doesn’t give you enough freedom to customize this essential piece of this puzzle.

Data Insights:

Meta will hand over the high-level overview, clicks and conversions, etc. but their analytics platform lacks the depth to provide actionable behavioral insights. In addition, with Meta forms, Meta is your sole source of performance data. To get the most out of your ad spend, you’ll want a tool that provides first-party insight into the each session - showing you how customers are interacting with your brand, not simply if they are interacting with your brand.

Data Ownership and Privacy Concerns: 

As brands shift away from reliance on third-party cookies, it is essential that they own their customer data. When you use Meta’s tools, you’re sharing all of this info with them - personally identifiable information (PII), session-level, engagement data, etc.. Not only can this introduce conflicts with existing privacy policies and T&Cs, but it also allows your competitors to benefit from your customer’s engagement on Meta as that data flows back into an algorithm that anyone can use to serve Ads.

Integration Capabilities:

Meta Forms provides several plug-and-play CRM integrations but doesn’t offer custom integrations that allow you to personalize the user experience and facilitate more advanced functionality within the lead form. For example, Meta can’t incorporate location feeds into lead generation forms or validate addresses. These functionalities can serve to show customers the nearest store or eliminate potential entry errors or bot traffic.

In my old position, it was clear that we needed a better tool for lead gen - one that allowed us to own our customer experience and the data that comes from it. This tool needed to provide freedom in branding, the content customizability to ensure lead quality, and an analytics platform from which we could derive actionable insights.

Glui is a better alternative to Meta Forms

Customizable and Versatile:

Glui is a completely customizable omni-channel lead generation solution, giving you a single lead generation asset that can turn any digital touchpoint into a lead generation tool. Not only can we function as a landing page within social platforms (like Meta forms), we provide that same interactive experience within and digital touchpoint - display ads, websites, OOH, etc…


Deeper Analytics & Ownership of your Data

Glui collects first party behavioral data that you own exclusively. Our robust first-party analytics platform provides granular session-level data including but not limited to location, browser, device and referring site. In addition, our conversion funnel view shows shs dropoff and conversion rates from every click to the next.

Integrations, Security, and Privacy

Glui can integrate with your systems to deliver customer data in securely, in real-time. These integrations can also bring any functionalities that you have on your site into the ad unit to provide your customers with a streamlined, cookieless digital experience. We comply by any and all local and federal data regulations and don't keep any customer data.

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